Drones Take Over Fox40 – Promoting the 2015 US Fatshark Drone Nationals

Had a lot of fun over at Fox40 in Sacramento this past Wednesday to help promote the 2015 Fatshark US Drone National Races at the California State Fair. Scot Refsland started off the first segment explaining the basics of the US Nationals, how FPV worked, and what sorts of rigs people fly with. During the second segment the hosts were to race and we had two minutes to train the hosts on how to fly- which was an impossible task but challenge accepted. Paul had some experince flying and I was tasked with helping Mai & Bethany, who were both great sports and picked up as much as they could in a short time. The hosts started the race after a last minute change to do it Line of Sight, they all got disoriented on who was who and all heck broke loose. Was able to keep them up in the air during the segment while helping Mai get a good pass at Pandora’s Box. It was great fun, even when Paul flew one of the rigs into my hair while I was doing a demo- I didn’t even flinch and continued without a hitch:D 

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