Budget Parts for a Beginners Build

This is a list of all the essential components for mini quads that don’t break the bank. 

  • $99 Frame, Motors, ESCs, FC, Props
    MyRCMart’s FPV 250 Kit[3] is the way to go. Motors are amazing quality(comparable to TMotors), Frame is 3K Carbon Fiber, FC is a beginner friendly KK2.0 that can be switched out for the more advanced CC3d. Comes with 12a(16a burst) 3-4s escs, and plenty of props to keep you going.
  • Motors – Lots of great options out there. I’d suggest, in this order: RCX h1806, Cobra 2204, Emax 1806, Sunnysky 2204, DYS 1806, TMotor 1806 (not ordered in terms of quality, but quality and price point). My favorite 2 motors are the RCXh1806 and Cobra 2204. The Cobra is also available in a 1960kv version which is great with 6″ props or 4s batteries.
  • $19 Props – The HQ 5×4 and 6×3 are awesome upgrade propellers that are much more durable than the GemFans. Carbon props are also an upgrade to consider, but they break on impact, are more expensive, and can cause serious damage to people and property.
  • $60 Batteries (buy 4, each should be around $12-15 or so) – Batteries for your mini quad will vary in size. Generally 3s 1300mah-2200mah 25c are a good bet for these mini quads. Increasing the C rating past 30c will have little affect on performance. Remember that the heavier the quad, the less acrobatic it will be – so crazy fliers might go with 1300mah for more punch, while others might choose a 2200mah for more flight time. 1300mah will give you around 6 mins of flight time, and 2200mah closer to 10. 4000mah is nearing the point of diminishing returns – about 20mins of flight time, but pretty much useless for anything but light hovering and gliding around.
  • $30 Charger (remember to get a power supply too!) –The Turnigy Accucel-6 is a great beginner charger. The Imax B6AC is another nice charger. The B6AC is commonly cloned, so watch out for prices under $20 if you don’t want a fake one. Most people don’t have a problem with cloned equipment, but I’d rather spend $10 more and make sure that the charger(which could destroy and burn your lipos) is working properly.
  • $70-$200+ Transmitter – Options include the Turnigy 9x/r and 9xrPro. Awesome, open radio, but you need to purchase and additional Turnigy/FrSky/Spektrum module. The Taranis radio is regarded by most as the ultimate multirotor radio.The Taranis, 9xr Pro, DX8, and DX6 all have telemetry, and also (except the DX8) have voice alerts. The T-6 is available on Hobbyking, and the DX6i can be found used on Ebay or RCGroups for around $70. 6 channels is more than sufficient for any beginner and even experts rarely use more than 2 three positions switches in addition to the 4 gimbal channels.
  • $7-$20 Reciever (I’d suggest picking up a few extra) – 6ch LemonRXs and the Orange RXs are both awesome park-fly RXs that are light, durable, and well-tested by the community.
    $100-$200 FPV Setup – For those looking for a brand-name FPV setup, the Predator V2 system is great, you should be able to catch a Predator V2 Fatshark system for around $200 on the RCG classifieds. For those who don’t mind fiddling a little bit, Hobbyking has their Quanum FPV set[4] , which is around $100, which is awesome as well. Goggles vs Monitor is a huge debate that will probably never end. Goggles are best for immersive experiences, while monitors give you added safety of being able to maintain LOS of your craft. Goggles are far easier to see, while visibility in monitors can be improved by adding a sunshade.
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