Gear – Goggles – Transmitters – And Battery Chargers

  • Chargers: Turnigy Accucel 6 Charger[27] , IMAX B6…
  • Turnigy 9X[28] /9XR[29] – Solid full featured transmitter that works great with a BnF NanoQX using a OrangeRX Module[30] , and don’t forget a battery for the 9XR[31] or a battery for the 9X[32] .
  • DX6i – Nice quality spektrum transmitter that /just works/ with spektrum gear like the NanoQX/180QX/350QX etc
  • Taranis 9XD – Great all around transmitter, highly recommended in the subreddit.
  • Quanam Goggle Kit[33] – Everything needed to add FPV to almost any craft for a 100 bucks.
  • Fatshark Line of Goggles. Dominator HD, Attitudes, Teleporters, BaseSD, Etc. All pretty solid.
  • Boscam GS920 Goggles – Decent Specs for the price offering a clear 30+ degree field of view at 640×480.
  • Skyzone Goggles – Only goggles currently available to offer image pass through – They’re also 32 channel and should work with just about anything. (NanoQX FPV or Hubsan H107D for example)
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