Just How Safe Is It Really?

We follow AMA Rules & FPV Community Standards. All testing is done at Polo Grounds before it’s taken anywhere. I’ve yet to have had a mechanical issue mid flight that wasn’t during testing. Drones are a lot safer than people give them credit for. Scary drone news stories sell.

Have spent a lot of time thinking about Safety. Whenever I fly it’s with a spotter that has eyes on the craft and surrounding area so that I have the confidence to fly while minimizing the potential to accidentally run into someone that’/ not immediately noticeable while flying and behind the goggles.

There have been hundreds of thousands of consumer grade flying machines sold over the last several years without major incident anywhere in the world. I take Flight Safety seriously and with some simple precautions it can be incredibly safe & fun. With pre-flight checks consisting of antenna inspection, prop tightening & inspection, transmitter, throttle, failsafe, and video are all tested before each flight. The surrounding area is inspected and a spotter gives the all clear for take-off.Maintenance and inspection is routinely done between flights.

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