Multirotor Part Suppliers

  • Multirotor Superstore – Quality products and great variety of gear from right here in Santa Cruz!
  • UniqueFPV – Local source right here in Santa Cruz for all things Team Black Sheep, Fatshark, and Taranis
  • RotorGeeks – Pure Canadian Eh’pic. Home of the RotorGeek ESC’s
  • ReadyMadeRC – Fast shipping out of Floirda, good selection of quality product.
  • GetFPVHome of Lumineer with a ton of selection. 
  • FliteTest – Small selection of great DIY products. Awesome foam built planes too!
  • StoneBlueAirlines – Home of IBCrazy’s Antennas.  Top notch products!
  • MyRCMart – Surprisingly mostly /decent/ stuff. Shipping can be a expensive and long though.
  • FoxtechFPV – Solid products and a great selection. Overseas so beware of slow shipping times.
  • HobbyKing – For everything else that’s not here or on Ebay & Craigslist. Beware of international shipping!
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