Awesome Ready To Fly Packages For New Pilots

Line of Sight:

  • Hubsan X4 H107L – Highly recommended as a beginners go-to due to price and all around performance.
  • Blade NanoQX – My Personal favorite – a bit pricier but offers full functionality/mode to learn with.
  • Syma X11 Looks like the Hubsan but has major technical differences with gear driven props that are larger. Also comes with removable prop guards. and a bit cheaper too.
  • Estes ProtoX – The original world smallest quadcopter, it’s a great stocking stuffer.
  • Cheerson CX-10 – Smaller than the ProtoX, Faster, More Durable, Flips, and a bit cheaper too.
  • Blade 180QX – The bigger brother to the NanoQX – it’s a fairly fun and durable (mostly)outdoor flier that is good for beginners. Comes in BnF, RTF, and With/Without Camera.
  • Latrax Alias – Same size as the 180QX but with a different design and pretty lights.
  • Droimida Ominus – Pretty much a copy of the Latrax Alias at half the price.
  • Syma X1 – Looks to be a copy of the 180QX. Not sure how I missed this one!

First Person View

  • Estees FPV Proto X – Built in HD video recording & screen built into the transmitter.
  • Hubsan H107D– Comes with a screen embedded transmitter for FPV flight.
  • Blade NanoQX FPV RTF – Comes with Fatshark Teleporter Goggles V4’s or in a BnF for compatible 5.8ghz fatshark frequency goggles. Highly recommended.
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