Hexinair interviewed at DroneBlog.com & Freestyle Competition at US Drone Nationals

Elizabeth Ciobanu has interviewed me over at droneblog.com discussing how I got started, and what Hexinair is all about.  It’s the first official announcement that I’ll be competing in the Freestyle Competition at the US Drone Nationals along with 5 other highly skilled pilots that I’m honored to fly against, including Ummagawd and FinalGlideAUS. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m hoping that I’ll have enough time to prepare something special for the event. My promo video for the event is about the go live, hope it’ll be up on dronenationals.com soon. 

Coming up In the edit bay is my first week with the Zuul Superbeast, got some neat shots in-between it misbehaving while I’ve been tuning it out. Have had a lot of fun with it. This weekend will be another pre-race practice event up in Berkeley that I’ll be getting some footage of, expect it to get posted soon. 

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