Life’s Crazy- a Drone Nationals Debrief!

Finally emerging from the chaotic heatwave called the Drone Nationals! Wow, just wow.  I l did well all things considered and managed to have a lot of fun! Video was bad, course design kept changing, events cut short due to timing delays, lap times not recorded, transmitter issues, a gaggle of cameras adding to the pressure, and by Friday night I was suffering from heatstroke. The event had it’s issues sure, it was the first time and to be expected- none of it got in the way of showing the potential for an amazing future sport!

CBS did an interview with me that went out nation-wide. They met up with me in Santa Cruz and at the Drone Nationals
Roswell Flight Test Crew did an interview with me during one of my heats
Quartz followed me around from time to time during the event for an upcoming video
Science Friday did a short interview with me- what an honor!
CSMonitor talked with me about FPV Racing and the future of Drones.
Tested podcast briefly talked about me and my inverted capable rig. Squee!
Fusion TV followed me around for two days straight to be featured in an upcoming documentary on the future of drones. Isaac Feder, Kevin Roose, and Crew were amazing!

Special thanks to Multirotor Superstore for sponsoring me through this event- without them none of this would have been possible. 

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